Dit gebeurde met de vluchtelingen op 3 november 2015

5 november 2015 - Thema: | Herbert van Daalen

Stichting Oltalom in Hongarije verleent hulp onder vluchtelingen in Oost-Europa. Dinsdag 3 november waten ze in Dobova, Slovenië. We ontvingen hun verslag: “Last week our colleagues travelled to Dobova, Slovenia. We helped to transport a truck of food and clothes (that was left in Zákány) and we also took an extension cord, a high-capacity cooking stool, cordless lamps and gas containers for heating food and water to our friends who were working there. This week we start our “washing and drying” unit for laundry.

Currently two microbuses full of milk, water, chocolate, raincoats and many bags of warm clothes are waiting to be sent off. Our firm resolution and decision is to continue to work on the other side of the border. The need is considerable and continuous, tensions and hopelessness develops. News about refugees has fallen into the background, people are tired of this subject, while with the beginning of the winter help is needed more than ever.

Last week we received 16 refugees from Afghanistan (6 of them were children) into our small refugee hostel. We provided them with accommodation, food and clothes. Typically, they spend one night with us; the next day they continue their journey.”

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